UpToDate: Research-driven Clinical Decision Support

Caring for patients involves high stakes, where each decision holds significant importance. To address even the most intricate questions with assurance, having the finest evidence and clinical guidance readily accessible is essential.

What We Do

UpToDate provides clear, evidence-based clinical support, offering actionable guidance enriched with real-world insights to assist medical professionals in making informed care decisions for better outcomes.

Physician-Edited Evidence Review

UpToDate's physician-editors rigorously review and grade evidence to create practical care recommendations.

Evidence-Based Recommendations

UpToDate provides powerful recommendations for medical professionals based on solid evidence.

Clinical Decision Support in Workflow

The platform offers support integrated into the workflow of medical professionals, enhancing the decision-making process.

UpToDate Lexidrug

The Preferred Referential Drug Solution for Health Professionals

Trusted by pharmacists, physicians, and other health professionals, Lexidrug is the preferred drug reference solution that provides convenient access to the information you need to answer your medication-related questions all in a single resource. Where other solutions may provide the basics, Lexidrug has an unparalleled commitment to supporting clinicians as they make decisions not only in straightforward cases but also in the most complex.

Comprehensive drug information 

Drug referential content designed to support you in making appropriate and confident prescribing, dosing, and administering decisions. 

Patient education

Patient education content supports your patients throughout their care continuum and encourages medication and treatment adherence. 

Mobile access

Lexidrug is available on your smartphone or tablet, so you can access drug referential content with exclusive tools and databases anytime.

Make Informed Clinical Decisions: Get Accurate, Up-to-Date Medical Info with UpToDate

Improves Patient Satisfaction

Provide reliable, current knowledge to your patients. The respect you gain is priceless.

Increases Confidence in Decision Making

Access our evidence-based medical database for informed decision-making.

Reduces Diagnostic Errors

Efficiently identify patient issues using the most comprehensive medical database.

Expands Your Medical Knowledge

Constantly evolve your medical know-how with globally recognized expertise.

Effortlessly Accessible

Get crucial assistance on-the-go, anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.

Benefit the Medical Community

Partake in collective growth by contributing to shared medical intelligence.

Prepared to Elevate Your Practice to New Heights with UpToDate?

Explore UpToDate subscription options designed for various professionals and institutions in the healthcare sector. Elevate your knowledge, stay current with the latest medical insights, and invest in excellence with us.

The benchmark for using proven facts in medical decisions.

UpToDate aims to provide timely and practical recommendations, bridging gaps between questions and answers, insights and decisions, clinicians, and patients.

As long as:

Students are learning.

Variations exist in the quality of care.

Medicine continues to advance.

Clinicians have questions to ask.

95% of Users Report Enhanced Patient Management

Elevates Patient Trust - With accurate on-demand information, build greater reliability with your patients.

Strengthens Professional Network - Collaborate with a global community of healthcare professionals.

Excellence in Practice - Improve your clinical practice with the most current insights.

Personalized Expertise - Get personalized content recommendations catered to your specialty.

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